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Inspired by this article.

I have bills that are challenging to manage.  I'm self-employed.  I don't have any health insurance coverage for myself because due to assets, mostly in the form of a diminishing 10 year old 401K plan, I do not qualify for any state programs to get coverage.  Since I have no other insurance coverage for my son I am allowed to pay a reasonably small sum to get coverage for him.  I have to pay out-of-pocket for any medical care, yet for the <8 months that has been the case the expenses have been far less than the cost of private health insurance would have been.  I am within a few thousand dollars of the low-income threshold that would allow us free care at our local hospital yet I continue to work and pay for what I can.  I don't like to make more work for anyone else and I believe in taking personal responsibility for my actions. 

I am displeased that our government feels they have the right and responsibility to force me to pay for health insurance coverage.  I take preventive measures to lessen my need for professional medical care in part because they are more cost effective.  I prepare and eat healthy meals, I do not smoke, I rarely consume alcohol, and I engage in aerobic activities a few times a week.  These lifestyle choices greatly reduce my risks of expensive medical issues, yet I will likely be forced to pay the same as someone with an opposite lifestyle, in essence helping to support their lifestyle and having less ability to support my own.

"Industry players" from the private insurance companies who will likely benefit greatly from the legislation they are financially encouraging do not care about how this will affect me.  I am not their concern because they cannot reasonably expect to receive money from me directly unless it is required by law.  It seems they have the money and influence to make it law.  This proposal is not "of the people, by the people, and for the people" as much as it is a capitalistic compromise.

I wonder if there will be tax credits for paying for health insurance.  Not just a deductible but a credit for expenses counting against tax I've paid like there are for child care expenses.  I've minimized my childcare expenses by prioritizing caring for my child myself.  There does not appear to be an option for self-care or even naturopathic care not covered by most health insurance companies even though they can minimize or eliminate the need for services covered by the proposed required insurance.

Overall I am severely disappointed by both the lack of a public option and the choice to force all of us to pay into a private plan.  I've chosen to buy fuel-efficient vehicles for the past 20 years, too, and see this sort of legislation as yet another way in which our government is giving our money to systems and companies that profit at our expense.  I also have misgivings about ways in which this could lead to requirements in treatments whether they be vaccinations or other forms of compliance that might conflict with one's personal beliefs and choices.


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