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This is somewhat similar to a post I made early last year.

I enjoyed watching my son learn.
I did not enjoy learning with him how dangerous "safety" glass can be in an oven door.

I was glad to have [livejournal.com profile] yulecat  move in with us, along with his cat and assorted vehicles.
I was not glad to have his moving process expedited.

I liked getting out and developing new hobbies, and still having some time for existing ones.
I didn't like scheduling difficulties, particularly having my plans compromised repeatedly.

Bonus things of a less serious nature:
I appreciated Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog (and Commentary!).
I did not appreciate Mirrormask.
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I'm glad you were born, and grateful to be a part of your life.

May the coming year bring you much joy.

I voted

Nov. 4th, 2008 12:33 pm
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I went to vote immediately after taking the boy to school this morning.  Though parking wasn't exactly plentiful, there was no line to get a number, ballot, or booth.  A lady cut in front of me at the machine that takes and scans the completed ballots (she was a poll worker delivering a ballot and one of two people assigned to monitor the machine & the other was in the process of walking off to get a new ballot for the only person who had been in front of me at the machine).  I saw a mix of stickers on cars supporting various candidates.


Oct. 27th, 2008 11:19 am
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Interesting that this isn't at the top of the US headlines:


It seems Syria has called "Clarify?!"

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I've enjoyed many books by Orson Scott Card, most notably the Speaker of the Dead trilogy that chronicles some happenings after Ender's Game.  His religious background and beliefs permeate some of his works more than others.  He's an excellent writer, and has my respect.  Here's a link to an interesting column he wrote for his local newspaper.
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I find it hard to believe I skipped an entire month of posting here.  I'll be doing some individual posts, hopefully this week, to catch up on some happenings instead of trying to cram everything into one over-sized post.  I've been overly stressed out for weeks, and not dealing very effectively with it.  I tried to avoid coming here and spewing about things as I did years ago, yet realized yesterday that recounting things here was helpful to me then and might be again.  It's my journal, I can vent if I want to. [I can end a sentence with a proposition if I want as well.]

Current happenings )

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For anyone unaware, I compost things on a regular basis.  Much of my current yard has poor drainage from high clay content, and high acidity due to the number of pine trees present.  I don't strictly adhere to any of the rules of composting, and usually things work out just fine. 
Yay for happy little accidents.  Maybe I should plant some of those deliberately next year.
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The 2008 Maine Renaissance Faire is being held this weekend Aug 2-3 in Manchester, ME.  Gates will be open from 10-6 each day.

The site for the faire is close to where we live.  If anybody wants to get together with the boy and I before, during, or after faire hours we don't have any other plans as of yet.  We do have some crash space in our living room (sofas, floor) if mediocre lodging in a house with cats would make the difference for anyone on the fence about coming all the way up here.  I'm not involved with the faire this year yet do plan to attend at least one of the days.  If you're planning to visit one day and not the other, please comment so we'll have a greater chance of seeing you even if you don't wish to spend any additional time with us.  I know I'll see some folks I know since they are in the shows, yet would love to see more folks I haven't seen since CTRF last fall or even longer.
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For the record, [profile] elmbeth makes an excellent pesto.
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I finally got around to uploading pictures from the trip to Acadia that [personal profile] yulecat and I took last month. You can see them here.

Yes, we look rather goofy in the userpic. It is one of very few pictures that exist of the two of us, though, so I plan to use it until a better one comes along.
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Thanks to [profile] danctrf posting about this I am compelled to attempt my first embedding of a teaser.

Teaser from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

Check out http://doctorhorrible.net for more details and viewing times.
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As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

& yet...


As a 1930s husband, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

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Yay Prophecy!
I'm glad I could be there for the first half of the event and am amazed at what I've heard from the second half of it.

Of mice

May. 14th, 2008 08:11 am
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It started months ago, when I heard my son say "Is that a mouse?" and I turned to see a little mouse eating what was probably a dropped Cheerio on the floor.  I said yes, that's a mouse, leave it be.  I acquired a box, and the mouse, and deported it to the outdoors near the compost pile at the back of the property.

This morning a box of tea that was on top of the microwave was sitting on the kitchen floor.  They mock me.

This morning one trap was picked clean.  The other contained one very dead mouse.

ETA:  Two more corpses.  I don't like killing the cute little furry things; I wish they'd all just go away.
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Moms put up with a lot of crap from their kids, literally and figuratively over the years.  Tell yours thanks if you can, even if you despise the commercialism of the greeting card holiday and normally boycott it.  The sentiment means much more than any card, candy, flowers, meal out, or other gift and it isn't possible to express it too much.  If you can't express any appreciation to your own mom, do something nice for someone else's.

In Memorium

May. 7th, 2008 10:15 pm
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This started as a letter to just a few folks, yet seemed worth posting for others to read as well.

Today makes 31 years to the day since my mother passed away; as part of remembering her I figured I could tell you a little about her.  Most of what I know of her is secondhand information gleaned over the years.  There's a tendency for folks to only speak well of the dead, whether tor respect, superstition, or other reasons.  So I cannot speak much of her faults, though I'm sure she wasn't perfect.  One of my favorite authors is Orson Scott Card, he is primarily published as a science fiction writer.  I mention him because his book Speaker for the Dead resonated with me for sake of introducing the concept of reflecting on a person's whole life in remembering them, and not just their positive attributes and highest achievements.

I will have outlived my mother in another year.  It's an odd thing to consider.  Though I've never been diagnosed with diabetes, am generally healthy, and don't expect to die anytime soon it's still a daunting fact that I've had almost as much time to influence this world and the people in it as she did in her entire life.  I make an effort to have a positive impact where I can.
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The boy continues to grow and develop.  He's been using more complex sentences and sometimes even uses pronouns correctly.  He is utilizing the toilet far more often than a diaper, though still wears such absorbent underthings.  He's becoming a bit more articulate, and along with that is a bit strong-willed ala "Mommy said no"  meets "I said Yes!"  "No means  no." "Yes means yes!"  He's clever.  He is doing a better job of listening to me, and is a bit less prone to running away from me when we go out.

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I've always been amused at how much money gets spent on catering for a lot of non-profit, educational, and governmental organizations.  They have food and entertainment budgets, and the more important a group or office is it seems the more gourmet the food must be.  The US President, for instance, gets pretty much all of his food provided and creatively prepared by White House kitchen staff.

Other people get fed by governmental monies too, yet the quality of food is far from the same and they rarely have a choice about the foods they receive.

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